Flow of Life

Life is so interesting in the way it flows. As a kid I always wanted to be an author, at first because I wanted to go to libraries and see books with my name on them, later it was because I looved writing with a passion! But if you were to tell me then that my dream was actually going to come true someday, I would have probably laughed at the thought. Then during university I majored in Industrial Engineering, and again during that time I wouldn't have believed that in a few years I'd have my first book out, because at that time I just pushed my writing aside as a hobby and nothing more. Now fast forward to today; if you ask me about my day today I'll tell you it was filled with work related to my writing. People to contact, plans to work on, emails to send...(While being a wife and mommy too lol). And I loved every minute of it, all thanks to God. The productivity, the brainstorming, the dreams of what's to come. All this makes me realize how silly it is for us to worry about the future, because no matter how your life is going now, who can say it'll be the same later? Just love each day, work on what you're passionate about and know that God will give you what's best for you. Believe, and if you have something you want to do, go after it because if it's meant to be it'll happen, and if it's not meant to be then better things will happen. God willing. ✨ May your everyday be filled with peace, success and smiles! 😊

- Dana S.