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We are super excited to announce the release of author Dana Salim's second book "Beautifully Different". There's never been a more adventurous and captivating way to expose your little ones to the idea of why being different is special and what it means to "stand together". Check out some of the reviews it got below.


Beautifully Different by Dana Salim

"Beautifully Different offers children a fun-filled and enlightening fable wherein Yousuf learns why being yourself is special and perfect, even if you're not like everyone else in school. I loved following Yousuf as he travels over the waves and learns for himself the importance of celebrating diversity. He sees how if different people join together, they become strong enough to stand up to the bullies, and, in their unity, become even more special. The illustrations in this book are marvelous! Each panel is bright and cheerful with bold colors that pop off the page as Yousuf plays his Time Travel game and discovers that being different is beautiful, and that appreciating everyone's differences is best of all. Beautifully Different: Yousuf's Everyday Adventures is most highly recommended." - Readers Favorite (Five Stars)

"I can't express enough how much I, as an adult, can appreciate that Dana Salim is helping my kids to love what is unique about themselves. Thank you Dana Salim, I think I needed this more than my kids did." - MuslimMommyUSA

"It's a good start toward a discussion of diversity and its importance in our world." - TheBookWars

"Salim did an amazing job with this book. I love the way she wrote this book about diversity in a very age appropriate way for the younger readers." - Nicole Anderson

"Author Dana Salim has written a clever story to explain to children the differences among us, why that’s good and how we can overcome adversity if we work together." - Feathered Quill Book Reviews

"Beautifully Different has a message: our differences should unite us, not divide us, which is always an important theme." - The Baby Bookworm

Dreamland with Mommy by Dana Salim

"The illustrations are vibrant and delicious, the adventure is wild and Willy-Wonka-esque. Dreamland With Mommy provides children with a new way of looking creatively at the world, while also providing adult readers with the inspiration to keep the tradition of storytelling alive." - Dawud Wharnsby

"This little book helps parents in teaching their kids how to use their imaginations, although it is fun and playful it’s is also helpful in building a child's character. Allowing children to start thinking for themselves at an early age by using their imagination is a sure way of achieving this." - Cherry-Ann London

"This book has a sense of adventure and the illustrations were very vivid and colorful. Moving through adventures in dreams in a magic carpet sounds wonderful and the connection between mother and son is a sweet one. The writing features rhyming throughout that can be useful to children while they are enjoying a good book and learning how to rhyme as well. All in all it was a book of fun!" - M. Espinola

"My 4 year old daughter loved this book !! With each page she found herself engaged in an unexpected yet very exciting adventure. I have never seen my daughter so taken by a story like this before. I can’t believe she has put aside all her favorite princess stories and keeps asking me to read her this one instead !! Can’t wait for the next book to come out!" - Customer


Storytime Events

Author Dana Salim loves holding Storytime Events and meeting so many amazing kids. With a full and engaging program she has held Book Tours in the US, Canada and even a short one in Jordan. Click here for sneak peeks from her tours and to meet some of the awesome little adventurers and dreamers she met along the way. (If you are interested in hosting an event contact us by clicking here.)

"Thank you Dana Salim for visiting Crescent School. ‘Dreamland with Mommy’ was a great hit with the kids. It was an interactive and fun learning experience for them. The students were so excited to get the signed copies of the book, it was one of the greatest events at our school." - Crescent School, NY

"I would like to thank you, on behalf of Kelowna Muslim Community, for coming to Kelowna and making the storytelling event a success. JazakAllah for being so interactive! We really appreciate your efforts in motivating our kids to be productive and 'dream big'. We wish you success in your career as an author, as we really need such creative and energetic individuals for our young generation." - Hira Farid, Kelowna, BC