Dreamland with Mommy

Bedtime is here, it’s time for a game,
Yousuf and his mom decide.
Adventures are waiting to be explored,
as reality and Dreamland collide.
Come join them on this journey,
to a land where dreams come true.
From musical birds to a wacky pirate,
take our hand and join the crew!

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The Yousuf’s Everyday Adventures series holds the potential to inspire both young and old alike toward new initiatives of creative expression. The illustrations are vibrant and delicious, the adventure is wild and Willy-Wonka-esque. Parents the world over have been creating wondrous bedtime stories and songs for their children for centuries and yet, constantly those stories and songs fade away like dreams as kids get older and tuck themselves in at night. Dreamland with Mommy reawakens memories of the crazy, cozy homespun bedtime stories many of us heard from our own parents and elder siblings. It provides children with a new way of looking creatively at the world, while also providing adult readers with the inspiration to keep the tradition of storytelling alive.
— Dawud Wharnsby