The Yousuf’s Everyday Adventures series holds the potential to inspire both young and old alike toward new initiatives of creative expression. The illustrations are vibrant and delicious, the adventure is wild and Willy-Wonka-esque. Parents the world over have been creating wondrous bedtime stories and songs for their children for centuries and yet, constantly those stories and songs fade away like dreams as kids get older and tuck themselves in at night. Dreamland With Mommy reawakens memories of the crazy, cozy homespun bedtime stories many of us heard from our own parents and elder siblings. It provides children with a new way of looking creatively at the world, while also providing adult readers with the inspiration to keep the tradition of storytelling alive.
— Dawud Wharnsby
My daughter and I love reading this book together! The story is exciting, fun and easy to read. My daughter loves the pictures in this book and stops to talk about everything she sees on the pages. It’s a great book that will keep your child engaged the whole time. Can’t wait for more stories from Yousuf’s Everyday Adventures!
— Ashley Kline
Thank you Dana Salim for visiting Crescent School. ‘Dreamland with Mommy’ was a great hit with the kids. It was an interactive and fun learning experience for them. The students were so excited to get the signed copies of the book, it was one of the greatest events at our school.
— Crescent School, NY
My 4 year old daughter loved this book !! With each page she found herself engaged in an unexpected yet very exciting adventure. I have never seen my daughter so taken by a story like this before. I can’t believe she has put aside all her favorite princess stories and keeps asking me to read her this one instead !! Can’t wait for the next book to come out !!
— Amazon Customer
Dreamland with Mommy by Dana Salim is a wonderful book ideal for bedtime. I picked up the book for my three year old and it is much cherished by myself and my son.Combined with stunning illustration by Pavel Goldaev, it takes us on a magical journey to dreamland where we get to meet elephants, singing birds and a pirate on a boat on wheels !! My son loved them. Looking forward to reading more books from the author.
— S. Jaleel
My 4 yr old son loves this book!! He literally sits me down and brings me the book so we can read it everyday. I love that it encourages him to use his imagination. The illustration is very engaging. I love watching my son’s face as he laughs along with the characters.
It is a cute little story that’s very fun to read.
Love that it’s also entertaining for adults to read too. Def a must for the little one’s library.
— Hedaya Arabi
I actually received this book from an contest! I absolutely loved reading it with my mom!
I have read this book to my students and they all loved it as well!
It is a great read for students in elementary school and adults!
Thank you !
— Amazon Customer
Engaging and delightful! My nieces got this book as and enjoyed reading it. It is an often frequented addition to our library. The story is fun and relatable to young children. I am looking forward to the author’s next book!
— Amazon Customer
Dreamland with Mommy is a treat for lovers of imagination. It is engaging and entertaining to kids especially when it comes to the amusing rhyming riddle. My daughters, preschooler and third grader, were excited thinking and solving the riddle. Can’t wait for the next book!
— Shireen
MashaAllah my kids loved it! Especially my three year old who insists we read it almost every night before bed.
— Aasiya from